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I decided to consider what’s been said about chemicals in our food and it made me think, so I did some research and put this together.

Please do not be alarmed, simply amend your diet, by using an alternative or reduce the amounts and quantities you use within these products.

Processed Meat

You know that pretty pink look that processed meat has? Well, that is caused by a chemical and isn’t the natural colour of the meat at all. In fact, all processed meats contain a whole host of chemicals and preservatives, which could be linked to cancer

One of the biggest killers in processed meats, however, is the sodium nitrate which we know is packed with carcinogens. Smoked meat is the worst, as it will also pick up tar which can be as dangerous as consuming it through smoking cigarettes.

Farm Raised Salmon

Just like in the case of the dangerous fruit and vegetables, here is another healthy food that has been spoiled by chemicals. Over 60% of the salmon eaten in the US has been farmed raised and this means it is packed full of chemicals and pesticides; in fact, you may also be eating some of the antibiotics they feed the fish. As farm raised salmon are also crammed into small spaces, they are also riddled with sea lice. Yum! As farm raised salmon are fed chicken litter, they are force fed chemicals to help turn their meat the pink you’re used to seeing. However, those chemicals could be causing cancer in people from around the world so be wary. We would suggest finding wild salmon

White Flour

Flour that has been highly processed and bleach can be causing many cancer cases, and it is important to avoid it where possible. Most flour mills use chlorine gas to bleach their flour, which has been classed as a dangerous irritant by the EPA. In fact, they say that large quantities of chlorine gas can be lethal. When a mill refines the grains in white flour it is also taking away all the goodness that can be found in the natural grain. As tumours generally feed on any sugars in your bloodstream, you could be making something worse by gorging on white flour. If you want to stay healthy and prevent cancer, then you should opt for wholemeal flour instead. This includes wholemeal grains such as bread, pasta and rice.

Canned Food

Many people used tinned tomatoes, beans, vegetables and even fruits on a daily basis, which could be putting their health at risk. The inside of most cans of food contain a chemical called BPA, which has been tested on and deemed quite unsafe. A recent study went on to prove that it can impact genes, which is one of the main causes of cancer (gene mutations). Tinned tomatoes are the worst offender’s due to high levels of acidity in the product. This can cause BPA to melt into the tomatoes themselves, meaning you’re ingesting a high quantity of chemical. Look for tins that say no BPA or just buy everything fresh instead.


Microwave Popcorn

The bags, which you pop in the microwave, are lined with a dangerous chemical called PFOA; a toxin which can also be found in Teflon. Not only is the bag itself dangerous, but the contents can be too. Most manufacturers of microwave popcorn use GMO products which are known for having cancer causing properties, along with other nasty chemicals which can cause all sorts of illnesses. The next time you fancy some popcorn with your movie, try making it yourself using organic corn kernels so that you know exactly what goes into your favourite treat.

Refined Sugar

It was first discovered in 1931 that cancerous tumours feed on sugar, and this can also prompt them to double in size. These cancerous cells seem to prefer sweeteners which are high in fructose, as these are easier to metabolize for the cells. High-fructose corn syrup is one of the worst offenders in this case, which is shocking as it is contained in plenty of popular sweet treats. Cakes, fruit juices, candy, cookies, cakes, and even cereals tend to contain plenty of high-fructose corn syrup and this can be dangerous for the average person; never mind how dangerous it can be for those already living with cancer. If you want to reduce your risk of cancer then try to avoid as much refined sugar as possible, especially high-fructose corn syrup.

Potato Chips (crisps)

The process of making potato chips involves them being fried in excessively high temperatures, which then leads them to create a chemical called acrylamide; which is known for causing cancer. If you add that to the high level of fat, trans fat, sodium and calories, then you’re looking at a recipe for disaster. Those who are overweight (by snacking on too many potato chips) also put themselves at risk of other illnesses, including diabetes. Why not make your own potato chips at home? Alternatively, try baking up some curly kale and enjoy this extra crispy (and healthy) snack instead.

Artificial Sweeteners

One of the ingredients commonly used in artificial sweeteners, aspartame, actually causes cancer or not. Most researchers agree, however, that it can have a very negative impact on your health. When broken down in the body, this chemical can create a deadly toxin which is known as DKP. Your stomach makes its own chemical to try and break down the DKP, which can then cause cancer and brain tumours. Also, there has long been the worry that artificial sweeteners can cause diabetes or worsen it, even though many people with the condition think it can help. Look at packets for any sign of artificial sweeteners or aspartame, and avoid where possible.

Diet Food

Another food which generally contains a high level of aspartame is diet food; especially all of those low-fat puddings or low calorie ready meals. Anything which says it is diet or low fat will tend to cut out normal sugars and replace them with artificial sweeteners, which is where the aspartame comes in. Even diet soda drinks can contain high levels of dangerous chemicals, so consider your options if you’re going for low fat food.

Vegetable Oils

Most of us use vegetable oils in all our cooking, especially those which are hydrogenated oils. A lot of processed foods are also covered in vegetable oils to keep them fresh, so you’re not safe with those ready meals either. Vegetable oils also contain high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids, which are not as good for you as their healthier cousin; Omega-3. In fact, these fatty acids have been linked to many health problems, including heart disease and cancer. Try to avoid vegetable oils where possible and opt for healthier versions, even olive oil, when you can. Also avoid processed foods containing hydrogenated oils.