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Worried he has the results, “She’s pregnant What do I say”?

Teenage pregnancy can happen!

We know teenage pregnancy happens, but where do we go for help and guidance and what support is available?

Pregnant teenagers will be having lots of different emotions, how they are going to tell their parents, feeling anxious about the pregnancy and childbirth, in shock, excited and more, so here’s a few things that I wanted to find out.

Firstly, you are not alone, make an appointment with your GP/practice nurse, or locate your local sexual health clinic using this link:

or maybe contact the NHS 111 who are available 24/7.

You need to talk, you need to have accurate information, about your options and to be able to think carefully before making any decisions.

Your options are to continue with the pregnancy and keep your baby, have an abortion or continue with the pregnancy and have your baby adopted.

If you’re pregnant or a mum, you’re still expected to go to school until the end of Year 11. If that’s not possible, the law says your local authority must provide alternative education suitable for you.

The charity Tommy’s has produced The Young Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy

and is available free to 16-19 year olds through their website.

The Pregnancy Information Service at Tommy’s is delivered by in-house midwives, through their website and is especially for women under the age of 20 and includes real pregnancy experiences of other young mums.

Here’s their website and their Facebook page is

Tommy’s Midwives they also have a pregnancy line :0800 0147 800.

Another is Brook –Brook provides free and confidential information, contraception, pregnancy testing, advice and counselling, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, providing services and programmes to help young people make positive and healthy lifestyle choices and to improve their wellbeing. if you’re under 25, you can visit your nearest Brook service for free confidential advice, or use the Ask Brook text and web chat service from Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm.

Many young mums want to carry on living with their own family until they’re ready to move on. If you’re unable to live with your family, your local authority may be able to help you with housing.

Or maybe you’re not pregnant but would like information and advice to make it easier, to discuss everything to do with sexual health use this link: