Ready to go art eBooks 1+2

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eBook 1 and eBook 2 together: Spiders, Ladybirds, Butterflies, Plants, Dinosaurs, Space, Christmas and Easter activities, Ocean, Fish, Sharks, Birds, Mice, Plants, Colour by number, Events, Religion, literacy, numeracy and more.

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Available is eBook 1 and 2 together:

Here’s a few of the activities from within eBook 1:

Make a spider, Bumble Bee, Ladybird, Daffodil flowers, A butterfly life cycle mobile, make a dinosaur scene, a solar system mobile, Sun clock, make a paper body, different emotions, Mother’s and Father’s Day cards. Easter Chick cards, make a mini basket, nativity scene mobile, missing letters, dot to dots, A-Z snap cards, recipes for cooking like: pancakes, biscuits, cookies and basic fairy cakes.


Here’s a few of the activities from within eBook 2:

Make a butterfly picture or a bird picture, piece together a plant, a butterfly and a crab, make some mice, add all the legs to the spider, face masks, make a fish mobile or a rainbow mobile, piece together an ocean scene picture or snowman scene, dolphin game, caterpillar 1-9, seasons activities, dragon to make, mehndi hands to decorate, make a Father Christmas card or I Love You card, Role play Goldilocks, Little Red and the 3 Pigs paper cut outs, different religions and more!


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