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Hi I’m Netty and I love helping everyone entertain and educate young children with my educational products.

I’ve enjoyed having special times with all of my children, but there was always something missing. I had little time to plan my activities and to keep them occupied. When my twins were about two years old they needed to know and do more, but pre-school was not due to start for another year. I needed to gather facts and ideas of different activities I could plan, so we made regular trips to the library to get everything we needed, as back then we had no computer or internet.

The activities had to be planned in the evening ready to implement the next day.

But now I have done all the hard work for you.

You now have the facts about the topic and an activity ready to be printed, if your child/children make a mistake, just print out another copy.

All you need is a printer to print off the chosen activity; scissors, pens, paper/card, sticky tape/glue and string, along with any cooking ingredients you may need.

These eBooks can be used with very young children, assistance given will depend on the age and ability of the individual child/children.




Testimonial From Eddie

Whether you try to plan your siblings fun and education, or you need a spur of the moment activity. Ready to go art’s downloadable eBooks, really is what you need, wise up guys this will truely make your life easier, I have used some activities with my 4/5yrs daughter, and found I even had man time and watched the footie. well done ready to go art.

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